Passengers contract carrier.

DragonFlights is a passengers contract carrier. This characterization of "contracting carrier" comes from the International Convention of Guadalajara, which determines the "Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air Performed by a Person Other than the Contracting Carrier". (Convention of Guadalajara on 18 September 1961) DragonFlights has a registration in the registry of travel agents and other operators of the sale of trips and stays. Its registration is renewed every 3 years. ( Article L211-18, I of the Code of tourism)

Insurance and liability

As the contracting carrier, Dragonflights is liable to the passenger in case of accident. DragonFlights has a professional civil liability insurance. It guarantees against the pecuniary consequences of the professional liability. It also supports damages to passengers, to service providers or others due to malfunctions, fact or law errors , omissions or negligence committed. (Blogs R 211-35 et seq. of the Code of tourism)

Contractual obligations.

DragonFlights emits to its passengers a ticket issued in the form of an electronic memo. This ticket materializes evidence of the contract of carriage between passenger and Dragonflights. It is not necessary that this ticket is printed : an electronic document listing the required travel informations is sufficient.
The informations that must be included are as follows :

  • Place and date of issue
  • Points of departure and destination
  • Stopovers planned
  • Name and address of the carrier
  • Aapplicable compensation limits
(Article 3-1 of the Warsaw Convention of 12 October 1929 and article 6 of Regulation No 2027/97)