With DragonFlights, discover the travel by plane totally custom-made.

You are traveling to Zurich, Beyrouth, Rio or Hong-Kong, you are traveling by yourself or with others, you are leaving for your holiday or for business, DragonFlights quickly chartered the aircraft best suited to your needs.

Our aircraft charter service includes :

  • The booking of your device to the desired time, for the destination desired, in the airport of your choice.
  • The booking of a dedicated crew (drivers, hostess)
  • The registration of your roadmap, stops included, with the Charter and XXX
  • The "Business class" refreshment and restoration services during your flight.

The aircraft that you need.

Private jets , medium and large planes ; we reference hundreds of aircrafts in our catalog , of all types. We can Charter the aircraft of the brand and the ability of your choice or search for you the best device profile. Our agreements and partnerships with Charter carriers of reference allow us to guarantee you a maximum reactivity.

We can book you a plane and crew in just hours. Some examples of aircrafts that we charter regularly : Boeing B747, B737, B 747, BBJ ,B757, B767 / Airbus A319, A318, 320 / Falcon 10, 20, 50 EX, 900, 2000, 7X / CESSNA Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, etc.

A dedicated crew.

A dedicated crew consisting of one or more experimented drivers , commercial aircrew and technical service guarantee you maximum comfort and a luxurious service, as effective than discrete. Whether you are traveling alone, group or family, we charter the right aircraft, for your comfort

Paperwork handling

Upon booking your flight, you have an electronic memo containing all the details of your flight.